Looking to work and travel at the same time?

Most of us are working a job but want more freedom, time, and money to do #allthethings we might not be able to do when working a traditional job.

Discover how easy it is to get a job (even if you've been looking for months), save money, travel the world safely, and start doing things you've only dreamed of!

What You'll Be Getting Out of This Course: 

-Learn about seasonal jobs

-Learn about the maritime industry

-Learn about becoming a brand ambassador/promotional model (outside of Instagram)

-Traveling medical field

-Instagram Influencer kit

-Build passive income

-Have vacations 4-8 weeks out of the year!

-Learn to travel on a budget even when staying at 5-star hotels/resorts!

and so much more! (Over 30 sections in Modules 1-3 alone!)

This course will also be updated each month as I receive new info!!!!

There will also be group coaching calls

Hey Friend!

Thinking about finding a non-traditional job here or abroad?  What about remote work, freelance jobs, or something in between?

Ever wonder how sometimes you see people traveling all over the place even when they are making less than $50,000 a year?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this will be one of the most important letters you will read today.

                         Working and Having Freedom Has Never Been Easier!

Many others just like you have heard about the benefits of working, traveling, making and saving money, and having the ability to work from anywhere.

Could you imagine not being tied to a cubicle in an office building, not being stuck at the same job day in and day out, not having to put in a request to go on your once-a-year one or two weeks vacation, and not having any money leftover every payday?

Guess what... You are not alone.

This greatly appeals to many people, leading them to go on a search for freedom while still being able to work a job they love. Unfortunately, 95% of everyone that is reading this isn't aware of how to go about getting a job that will allow them to save most of it, travel the world, improve their finances, and so much more.

Many people fail to recognize that there are critical elements that must be done in order to have the freedom they want.

This is something many Internet marketers leave out when they are emailing their subscribers with offers. 

                                       Start By Laying A Solid Foundation

Fortunately, this course and my ebooks will give you the information you need to set a solid foundation for you and your family so that you can be among the 5% that is successful and financially free.

Allow me to introduce to you:

10K in 6 Months Course

Here's exactly what you'll get inside:

SIGNATURE COURSE: 10K in 6 Months Course


Here's A List Of The Modules:

  • Travel

  • Finances

  • Generational Wealth

  • Becoming and Staying Healthy While Traveling

  • MLM & Online Businesses

  • Group Coaching Calls


Special Bonuses For Taking Action!

FAST-ACTION BONUS #1: Free 1:1 Employment/Career Coaching (Scheduling Permitted)


I'll be accessible to you, scheduling permitted, for FREE 1:1 employment/career coaching while you're enrolled in the course!

Normally $100 for 60 minutes, get all the personal help you need.


FAST-ACTION BONUS #2: 40% off of one of 5 retreats hosted by me!


You'll get to choose from one of these 5 retreats:

  • South Africa

  • Thailand

  • Greece

  • Costa Rica

  • Dubai



FAST-ACTION BONUS #3: Deals Here and Around the World


You'll be staying at 4 and 5-star hotels, taking business and first-class flights, eating at Michelin star restaurants, all at a fraction of the price of what it would normally cost!

Does that sound good or what?

How Can I Pre-enroll In This Course Right Now (Course Starts May 1st!)?

You can pre-enroll in the 10K in 6 Months Course with all the bonuses for $1600 or 10 monthly payments of $160!

That is a truly incredible deal!

Did I mention this course is only $1600 or 10 monthly payments of $160? It’s definitely a point worth repeating.

You will be hard-pressed to find a more valuable course for finding employment AND learning to travel and becoming financially free!

I'm delighted to have the chance to create this course with you in mind.

Again, you will receive the comprehensive and valuable course for only $1600 or 10 monthly payments of $160.

Please click the pay now button and take ownership of this valuable course TODAY!

Once payment is received you'll get INSTANT ACCESS. The course will officially begin May 1st and you can begin using what you learn in the course and get results as soon as the first 2 weeks of joining the course!

Here’s how to get started…

1.) Simply click the button below
2.) Enter your information
3.) Within seconds of processing your order, you’ll get instant access to the 10K in 6 Months Course!...

Pre-enroll in my 10K in 6 Months Course today and access it immediately after your purchase. No waiting in line, and even if it is 4 am in the morning. You’ll have instant access to the entire course when we begin May 1st in no time at all!

Get Instant Access Right Now!

Yes! I want instant access to the 10K in 6 Months Course which includes the following:

  • The Main Course


  • Fast Action Bonus: Free 1:1 Employment/Career Coaching


  • Fast Action Bonus: 40% off of one of 5 retreats hosted by me!


  • Fast Action Bonus: Deals here and around the world!

Regular Price: $2600

Over 35% off discount:  $1600 or 10 monthly payments of $160!

To Your Success,

Dominique Jones

P.S. - You'll discover all the steps, tools, and resources to help you finally reach your goals.

P.P.S You'll gain instant access immediately after payment, there's absolutely no waiting! (Course begins May 1st but you'll have access to look around at the modules and see what you're in for!)

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