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Everything you need to find jobs, travel, make money, save money, and finally build generational wealth for you and your family!

Without Spending Thousands of Dollars on Coaches and Mentors

Why wait to retire at 66.5 years old to travel?  Why finish high school and go straight into college when you can experience life first? Why go into debt time and time again just trying to live life? Going on vacations for more than 14 days out of the year, owning a home, owning a car, and building generational wealth seems like only the rich can do. There are ways you can do it but only if you KNEW how!  How many times have you searched and searched just to go back to square one?  Let me help you get out of debt, get an emergency savings account, travel, build generational wealth, and become healthier!  You CAN get 6-figures when you decide to step out of complacency and out of the box you've been in for so long!  Don't delay!  Get in on this course that will help you see that 6-figure* in your account and finally start seeing the world!

"Whoever works his land will have plenty of bread, but he who follows worthless pursuits will have plenty of poverty." -Proverbs 28:19 

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What is your level when it comes to investing/building generational wealth?


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*HealthWealth&Travel LLC provides students with reliable resources and useful information about jobs, traveling, budget, finances, and other related topics. We take great pride in the variety and timeliness of our content and go out of our way to keep it up-to-date. Take a look at our resources in the course and get in touch if you want more information. 6-figures is achievable when working these types of jobs.  If you have absolutely no experience or less than one year of experience, it's possible to achieve getting 6-figures in 2.5 yrs-3 yrs.  There are jobs to help you achieve that in 2 years depending on what they are paying.  If you have experience, you can achieve getting 6-figures in 1 -2 yrs.  There are certain jobs that is taught in the course that will help you achieve your 6-figure goal within a year.

20K in 6 Months

Travel and work in your field!

What does the 20K in 6 Months course consist of?  5 Modules with over 30 sections; including bonuses!  Bonuses include a code for 40% off one of my retreats, becoming an influencer (for those interested), deals around the world, and more!  Learn how to build a resume/cover letter, finding jobs abroad (in Module 1), build your credit (in Module 2), investing (in Module 3), being healthy (Module 4), starting a business (in Module 5), and so much more! Modules 1-3 contain over 30 sections before reaching module 4!  Trying to travel more but also want to make money at the same time?  Check out Module 1!  Want to build generational wealth for you and your family?  Head over to Module 3!  20K in 6 Months Course consists of everything you need!  What about those under 18?  This is for you too!!!  The earlier you get started, the better!  What if I live in a different country?  This is for you!!!  Learn about working holiday visas, gap year, J1/J2, and H2B/H1B visas! What if I want more than 2 weeks of vacation?  Check out Module 1 and the bonus section!  What if I have children?  This is for you!!!!  Change your life for the better! What if I just got married and we want to travel but we also need to work?  This is for you!  The companies I will introduce you to LOVE married couples!! People have lost their jobs from this pandemic and more are losing their jobs every day!  Why wait to see if the job next door to you will finally start hiring again when you can get out there and travel (safely), make money, save money, and finally have the freedom that you longed for!  

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20K in 6 Months Course


We have the know-how you need.

Travel More and #GetMoneySaveMoney

Pre-enroll now... course begins March 1st, 2021!!


20k in 6 Months

Learn how to go from working 9-5 jobs where you are right now, to working in the same field in several different places!


"Unbelievable! If you want something that works and you're trying to work but also travel and save the most - 20K in 6 Months Course got you covered. This course is worth much more than I paid."

Keyshia J. / Resort in Colorado /Human Resources Manager

"20K in 6 Months Course (beta) saved me from having to live on the streets when I got laid off in March. Thanks to 20K in 6 Months Course, I was able to get a job at a private country club in Florida making $15/hr + tips working 50 hours a week.  That might not sound like a lot but I was only making $9.50/hr and 30 hours a week before I got laid off! I STRONGLY recommend 20K in 6 Months Course to EVERYONE interested in traveling, making more money, and being able to actually have a savings account!"

Michael Y. / Country Club in Florida / Prep Cook

"After joining the 20K in 6 Months Course as someone in the J1 program, I realize there were other opportunities for me besides the one I've been doing for the past two years.  Even though I am now in my home country of Bulgaria, I hope to be able to utilize everything in this course once the pandemic is over.

Desislav / Resort in Alaska / Server

I'm glad to learn there are so many more places I can travel to and work at after this pandemic.  I have already applied to several jobs and going through the rigorous process of getting hired.  I am very satisfied with how everything is turning out despite Covid.  Thank you!

Marinerl / Royal Caribbean Cruise Line / Cabin Steward

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