Let me teach you how to travel & work!!!

Travel, work, & save money!

I know several people who have worked and made $100,000 dollars in 9 months, one 18 year old saved about that much in 2.5 years and bought a house!!

Find out what you'll be learning in my 20K in 6 Months course!!

Here's what else you'll be learning...


Why procrastination is stopping you from getting that raise, that apartment/house, etc....⁠


Why investing can help you to start building generational wealth!

The difference between the wealthy and the rich.⁠

Some of the misconceptions about traveling and working and why you shouldn't be afraid to do it!⁠

How to get the best deals when flying, driving, and staying at hotels/resorts (here or abroad)...⁠ and so much more!

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About HealthWealth&Travel

Health Wealth & Travel is all about the person who wants to start living a healthier lifestyle.  The person who wants to be debt-free and live a financially free life!  The person who wants to travel and not have any barriers holding them back from traveling the world!

This website is here to teach others about building a business, getting residual income, getting a better job, coaching, and how to travel the world on a budget.  I hope you enjoy and get something out of this that can better your life! -Dominique Jones

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