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ATTENTION: Those Who Want to Travel, the Unemployed, the Freedom Hunters 


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Discover The Fastest And Easiest Way To Have Freedom, Time, More Money, More Vacations Without Doing the same thing for the next 5-10 Years, Prospecting Or Doing Door-to-Door Sales 


Dear friend,

In the next 5 minutes, I will let you in on a secret that’s helped me make money and keep it in the bank.

There is a PROVEN METHOD of Doing what you love to do without going back to school or begging the boss for a pay increase.

My course not only helps you earn more, it also allows you to feel in control of your financial destiny.

PLUS, simply by reading this page, you’ll discover the solution to not being stressed and overworked, not having any vacations or only 1-2 weeks of vacation, not being able to travel anywhere, not having any money.

But before we continue, here’s so you know if you should keep reading or not.


Who This Is For


This page is only for those 12-18 (with parents permission of course), young adults, older adults, blue-collar workers, travelers who want to:

1) Live on their own terms 
2) Have no income ceiling 
3) Earn more in months - not years! 


If this is you, good. Keep reading.

Here’s The Real Reason Why So Many People Struggle With Making Enough Money 

Since we were young, we were taught: “Go to school and get a good job.” or “Be careful! Don’t take risks!”.

But it’s all Boloney.

And it’s not your fault if you’ve believed these things.

The Reality Is You Can Make An Extra Few Thousand Dollars A Month Much Faster Than You Think

How do I know?

It’s because I’ve seen it over and over again. I've done it over and over again. Every month, you’ll find people who have achieved making thousands in record time and keeping most of it in the bank.


Without spending years in school
Without a lot of time
Without a lot of experience or past success


Like these guys & gals:

"After just a few months of learning from Dominique, I bought a new car!” Johnny M. 

“I work now doing what I love and make double what I used to working full-time! Thanks, Dominique!” Julia D. 

“I never knew this was an option in life. I can’t help but say thank you so much!” Kenny R. 


What’s Their Secret? Here’s What They Have In Common


All of these successful people did have a few common traits:

-They wanted more for their lives
-They were willing to change
-They were willing to invest time, energy, and whatever necessary to get what they wanted


Now to get these is not hard. But it does take effort. You can either develop them on your own. Or you can learn the ropes with a proven process to help you reach your goals fast.

If you want to follow a proven recipe rather than invent your own, here’s how I can help.


Introducing 10K in 6 Months Course (Pre-enrollment open!)


Yes!  Enroll Me Now!


Here's What The Course Looks Like

Module 1: Travel

Learn about traveling and working abroad, becoming a merchant mariner, promotional modeling/brand ambassador, seasonal work, becoming an ex-pat, and so much more!

Other programs teach you about working in one field of profession but I show you the opposite right in the first module and at the same price!

This is the module where you’ll see how you NEVER need to be a pushy salesman at all - or work at a place only paying $10/hr. In fact, most people in this course didn't realize they could make $15 or more per hour; and keep most of that money. 

Module 2: Finances
This is NOT a sales module. This module is about learning how to repair and build your credit, debt elimination, mortgage, and more!

In fact, when it comes to repairing, building, and getting your credit report clean, it’s actually quite simple. You just have to know human psychology on a very deep level.

After this portion of your course, you'll already be well on your way to having a high-interest bearing savings account, emergency account, money market account, and more. 

​Module 3: Generational Wealth

This module goes deep into building generational wealth for you and your loved ones, investing, real estate, and more! 

It’s usually my top students that learn these strategies who get the best results.

You can ask any of my 60+ past students (or see the testimonial section) - they’ll tell you the same thing. With my methods done properly, people may look at you and think you’ve got a natural gift for finding jobs that pay above average. But of course, you’ll need to put in the work first. 

Module 4: Becoming and Staying Healthy While Traveling 

So far in my career, I’ve pulled plenty of muscles, gotten food poison, and had to go to the hospital at least a few times. In this module, you'll learn how to care for yourself when you are constantly traveling, first aid kit, whether you need to know CPR and First Aid, and staying active.


Module 5: How To Start a Business

Imagine owning your own business.  As the core focus of this course is gaining employment that allows for travel and more money, this module is for those who want to start a business but want to continue to work while starting and growing their business. 

Even after learning everything in this course some people still return back to their complacent ways and end up complaining about not be able to travel, or make enough money, or get into even more debt. These are usually the students who aren’t committed and don’t put in work. And I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you, but not everyone can avoid rejection in every situation in life. 


Yes! I’m Ready To Join!


How Your Life May Be Transformed From The 10K in 6 Months Course 

A Medium to High-Income Skill™ You Can Turn To For Life 

As long as you can do what I teach in this course, you could have a Medium to High-Income Skill™ where you could potentially make a great living anywhere in the world. However, that does NOT mean you don’t need to do work. Within the 10K in 6 Months course, you WILL need to do work. In fact, you may need to give up a few certain comforts in life (just for your first few months until you get your finances in order) to be able to achieve the maximum results. Do NOT expect to get results without first putting in the work. 

Travel Around the World! 

When you decide to not stay comfortable and complacent, you can find a job anywhere you are in the world. All you need is a laptop with internet to start putting in work and finding the job you want. That’s it. 10K in 6 Months students who perform at the highest level are able to make more money than they've ever had before. 

Mentorship With Me, Dominique  

Every week, in my private Facebook group (which you will have access to after purchasing the 10K in 6 Months Course) you’re going to be learning from your accountability partner that you choose (a 10K in 6 Months student), your 10K in 6 Months family members and me, Dominique. This way you get support, advice, and help every step of the way, so that you can get the most out of this course. 


Here Are A Few Of The Success Stories From Being Part Of Our Program

“After completing this course I got a job that saw me leave at the end of my 5-month contract with over $20,000 dollars sitting in my bank account.  And that was after taxes, room and board, and my phone bill every month.” Susie M.

“I got a freelance job that offered me $75,000 in 5 weeks after I purchased the course!” Robert C. 

“I only work 4 days a week and make $2,000 a week! Amazing!” Joanne G. 


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Plus, If You’re Someone Who Just Gets It And Who Takes Action Right Now, You’ll Also Get These Amazing FREE Bonuses

Bonus #1: 40% off one of 5 retreats hosted by me - Value: $5000 
You get to choose from one of my retreats that I'll be hosting in Thailand, South Africa, Greece, Costa Rica, or Dubai.

Bonus #2: Becoming an Instagram Influencer - Value: $397

For those who want to work but also want to make a career out of social media!  You'll also get the Instagram Influencer Kit!


Bonus #3:  Deals Here and Around the World - Value: $1997

Get weekly emails with deals from around the world; including cheap economy and business class flights. How does it work...  once you are in the course, you'll send me the places you want to travel to and each week you'll get deals.  Not just on flights either!

And beyond access to gigs, you’ll be part of a community that has your back - no matter what. So unlike the people in your life who may doubt your potential, the HealthWealth&Travel Family™  is where you’ll connect with friends who believe in you and will help you reach your goals.

When you’re in the private 10K in 6 Months community, you may feel more inspired, motivated, and unstoppable than ever! 

Bonus #4: Access free 1:1 employment coaching (schedule permitting)  - Value: $500 

Guarantees your success and prevents you from falling off the grid 

The Total Value For 10K in 6 Months Course + Bonuses:



Enroll Now For Only:


$2500 or 10 monthly payments of $350


Here Are More People Who Recommend 10K in 6 Months Course 

“The best investment you can make in your future ever” Dick J. 

“I would have paid 10X more to be part of this!” Nancy W. 

“Transformed my income, relationship with wife, and self-image forever!” Jacob D. 

"I finally believe in myself" David F. 
"Now I know I can do anything" Klara R.


With Love, Dominique Jones

@mrsdomjones (Instagram)

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