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HealthWealth&Travel is one of the most effective methods for speeding up your job search. You can take advantage of the camaraderie and feedback by teaming up with other job seekers.



Since the unemployment rate rose expediently in just this year alone, people have been getting laid off and still some are trying to find a job all over the country.


Benefits of the HealthWealth&Travel Job Board:


1. Enjoy moral support. In addition to the financial hardships of unemployment, there’s now a growing awareness about the emotional toll. Spending time with those who understand your struggles can feel validating. You may even want to get together for free activities while the rest of your friends are at the office.


2. Exchange feedback. People who are currently in the market for a new job have valuable insight into the process. Critique each other’s resumes and discuss your career objectives.


3. Discover more leads. Spreading the word about possible opportunities is one of the top reasons why people love HealthWealth&Travel. Be generous about passing along openings that other job seekers may be qualified for or interested in. They’ll likely return the favor.


4. Access expertise. HealthWealth&Travel will be inviting outside speakers to address a range of topics from how to dress for an interview (but please remember, most jobs that will be posted are jobs you have to travel to and you will mainly be doing on the phone or facetime interviews.) to preparing your taxes while you’re in between jobs (on a vacation somewhere!) Your fellow members may also have specialized knowledge of human resources issues and the industries you want to work in.


5. Strengthen your job-hunting skills. Take advantage of opportunities to rehearse interviews and brush up on your telephone skills. This can be especially helpful if you have limited experience looking for work.


6. Structure your time. Some people function better on a set schedule. You are going to want to accept two or more jobs so that you are not putting all your eggs in one basket.



Tips for Utilizing this job board or any other job board:


1.Pick two or three job boards. You may be able to rotate between four or more job boards if you keep a notebook and write down the jobs you are applying for.  


2. Don't pay fees. Many job boards are free.  There are some legit job recruiters that charge fees and they will be listed on this job board. Also keep in mind that if you are in the J1 or H2B program, you might have to pay a fee and you WILL have to pay for your visa. 


3. Define your profession. Some people jump from profession to profession and can't seem to narrow down what they want to do.  A deep assessment of what you want out of life, your passions, and what you are expecting as far as pay should help you become clear about your profession.


4.Choose a mentor. Rotating tasks like fixing your resume, applying for jobs, setting up interviews, getting prepared to fly or drive to your destination can be daunting for someone who has never had to do much of any of those things.  If you’d rather engage an expert facilitator, ask around for recommendations about job coaches and other human resources professionals. Ask your most promising candidates if they’d be willing to volunteer their services. *Dominique Jones; founder and owner of HealthWealth&Travel does offer 1:1 employment coaching.


5.Prepare for your interview. Most interviews run more smoothly when you are prepared.  Eat a good breakfast if it's in the morning, dress appropriately if your interview is over skype, facetime, Whatsapp, etc. Go over your resume one more time before your interview. Keep the interview interesting and stay on topic.


6. Draft ground rules when talking with other people about your unemployment. You may want to set limits on discussing the hardships of unemployment to keep things upbeat and use your time together constructively. Encourage other job seekers to contact each other outside of meetings when they need more empathy.


Looking for a job is hard work. Make the job search experience faster and more pleasant with a collaborative approach. Other job seekers can help you find your next position and build a stronger network along the way. 

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