Perfect gift set to give that special lady in your life or just spoil yourself with an amazing new makeup set that your skin will absolutely love.

This makeup set includes the following:

  • Makeup Primer Stick, Unscented (0.15 oz stick)

  • Your choice of Blush (10-gram Jar, 2 net grams powder)

  • Your choice of Tinted Lip Balm set of two (0.15 oz sticks)

  • Your choice between Matte and Airbrushed Finishing Powder (10-gram Jar, 2 net grams powder)

  • Eye Candy Eye Shadow Compacts in Cinnamon Sugar and Snowflake Shimmer. 

Save 15% off retail when you buy the set.


Color Me Beautiful Starter Makeup Set

SKU: 483729cc
Blush Shade
Lip Balm Set
Finishing Powder
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